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Virtual Eye Care - Northlake Eye is Now Offering Video Telehealth Consults!

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Northlake Eye is excited to announce that we are now offering telehealth eye care services to our patients. We're launching this initiative to decrease the potential exposure of COVID-19 and improve the convenience of care by managing certain medical eye conditions remotely.

To best serve you through telehealth, we ask that you call us and provide your name, insurance information, preferred video conferencing platform (i.e. FaceTime, WhatsApp, Zoom, etc.) and a brief description of the issue you’re experiencing. From there, we'll quickly determine if you are a candidate for this service and get you scheduled for a virtual visit or in person appointment.

From there, one of our optometrist will contact you through a video call to further determine if your condition can be managed remotely. Once the call is complete, we will bill the visit to your medical insurance accordingly.

Can I be seen if I'm a new patient to the practice?

No. Unfortunately, North Carolina state law requires that we have an established doctor-patient relationship before offering this telehealth services.

Can I be seen if I don't have medical insurance?

Of course! We gladly provide this service for cash pay patients too.

How long will my virtual visit take?

It really depends on the complexity of your condition but most virtual visits are completed in under 15-20 minutes.

Can I still be seeing for medical eye care in the office?

Absolutely! If you prefer, or if your condition requires an in-person evaluation, we are happy to see you in the office.

Curious if your eye condition qualifies for a virtual telehealth visit? Give us a call today!

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