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Image by Brad Helmink
Dry Eye Disease

Do your eyes ever burn, sting, or frequently tear up? How about occasionally feeling sandy or gritty, like they have something in them? If so, you may be suffering from dry eye disease (also known as dry eye syndrome).

Dry eye disease is a very common condition that occurs when you don’t have enough tears covering the front surface of your eye. It impacts people of all ages and can be exasperated by many external factors, including contact lenses.


Like back pain, it typically comes and goes, occurs at varying levels of severity, and can be extremely frustrating to deal with.


Unfortunately, if you have this disease, digital screens, like your phone or computer, typically intensify your symptoms and your vision often isn’t as clear as it could be (even with glasses or contact lenses).


To learn more, read our blog post on our dry eye treatment checklist!

Curious if you have dry eye? Schedule an eye exam today!

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