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Scleral Contact Lenses

At Northlake Eye, our doctors are experts at fitting scleral contact lenses!

These are specialty contact lenses that few doctors in the area fit.

To accurately fit scleral lenses, our doctors take a corneal topography to assess the curvature of the front of your eye. Then, they place a trial scleral lens on your eye and have you wait 30 minutes for the lens to appropriately settle. From there, we assess the fit of the lenses and determine how much power needs to be incorporated into the lens for you to have optimal vision.


Once the lenses arrive, you're brought back into the office so we can evaluate your vision and how the lenses fit on your eyes. Occasionally we have to tweak the fit. However, in the vast majority of cases, you're free to leave with your lenses the same day as the follow up. 

To learn more, read our blog post that outlines everything you need to know about scleral contact lenses!

If you've never worn contacts before, don't worry. 

Our team is happy to train you on how to successfully put them in and take them out.


Schedule an eye exam today!

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