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6 Reasons Why We Provide Weekend Eye Exams (Including Sundays)

Updated: May 12, 2021

There's a reason everyone love Friday! It marks the end of the (traditional) work week and signifies the weekend is finally here. At Northlake Eye, we're proud to be one of the only practices in Charlotte, NC that is open 7 days a week. Yes, this includes weekends. With this in mind, below is 6 reasons why we love giving eye exams on the weekend!

Are your work weeks busy? Come see us on the weekend.

1) We know people who work during the week appreciate weekend eye exam availability

As I mentioned in an article on walk-in eye exams, we completely understand that you're busy! Especially during the week.

With this in mind, we're happy to provide weekend eye exams! They're great for those with a busy weekday schedule and give you a lot of flexibility for all of your eye care needs.

2) Accidents happen - especially on the weekend!

Whether your little one scratched your eye or you woke up with an eye infection, we're happy to see you for all your weekend eye emergencies.

This way you don't have to go to urgent care to wait for a costly visit (that might not fix the problem).

There is plenty of shopping at Northlake Mall - especially on the weekend.

3) The mall is an exciting place on the weekend

Northlake mall is a fantastic place to be on the weekend! The stores are filled with happy shoppers and our office feeds off the positive energy. We truly love serving this community!

4) We staff two doctors on Saturdays so we can provide you with more appointment availability

It probably comes as no surprise that Saturday is our most requested day of the week. To accommodate for this demand, we staff two doctors on Saturdays to provide you with more appointment times to choose from!

5) We love Sunday funday

Our office opens at noon on Sundays so everyone can spend the morning with their family.

Still, if you lost your glasses on Saturday or are leaving town on Monday, don't worry! We have plenty of appointment times available for you to be seen on Sunday afternoon.

Don't miss school for an eye exam. Come see us on the weekend!

6) So your kids don't miss school

We believe that school is very important! That's why we have plenty of evening and weekend appointment times available for your kids to be seen. This way they don't have to miss school to get their eyes examined!


So there you have it. Now you know why we love providing weekend eye care!

Interested in scheduling an eye exam with one of our optometrists? Give us a call or simply schedule online: Northlake Mall | Concord Mills | Biltmore Park | Asheville Mall

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